We are Not Your Typical Accountants

Leask Accountancy Solutions is not the typical accounting firm that crunches your numbers and ensures tax compliance — we are committed to making a difference. We strive to help you improve your business’ financial health and promote growth through our business development services.

Business Planning

At Leask Accountancy Solutions, we put strong emphasis on business planning as a living document and process. We help business leaders identify challenges, set realistic goals, and delegate actions on a rolling 90-day basis. Ultimately, we want to guide you in using your time effectively and producing better results.

Management Information

We can provide management information for a wide range of businesses– helping you gain a crystal clear picture of your current and future financial position. Through our detailed analysis of your financial performance, we can identify areas of weakness and find ways to transform your accounts.

We can also generate reports that include information relevant to your industry and prepare forecasts that can help you understand the impacts of potential changes to your business. This means you stay in control of your business and take the necessary actions to adapt.

Coaching and Workshops

Both novice and experienced business owners need support and expert advice especially when making critical business decisions. Through our coaching, workshops, and webinars, we can educate you and equip you with the right skills to manage your business more effectively.

Business Continuity

We are experts in identifying your critical assets and developing strategies to prepare for unexpected events and disasters. Now you won’t have to worry that you’re not ready to face potential risks– our business continuity service can help you bounce back faster even at the worst-case scenarios.

Let us help you understand your business better and make it thrive — contact us today!

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