Let’s delve into the age-old conundrum: quality, time, or price!

⚖️ When negotiating contracts or pricing, we often find ourselves juggling these three parameters. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, striking the right balance is crucial.

💡 Seeking a bargain? Be prepared for potential compromises in quality and longer delivery times. 🛍️⏳

🚀 Need it ASAP? Expect to pay a premium for expedited service without sacrificing quality. 💸⏱️

💬 Communication is key! Discussing priorities with your supplier can clarify what’s essential and what’s negotiable. 💬

🎨 Consider this: Asking for cheaper work might result in a masterpiece turned half-cartoon. 🐴🖌️

💼 Inflation’s impact is real, and sometimes passing on increased costs is unavoidable. It’s all about finding a win-win solution. 📈💼

🤝 Keeping existing clients happy is paramount. Let’s navigate these challenges together! 💼✨

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10th May 2024