Business Update – 24 May 2023

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Train wi-fi at risk as part of cost-cutting move

Rail users could lose access to wi-fi on trains in England as part of cost cuts after the government said it was a low priority for passengers.

Brexit: Scrapping EU rules ‘could boost UK wine industry by £180m’

The UK government is looking to boost the economy post-Brexit by introducing new rules for wine imports. These rules will allow UK wine producers to compete with EU producers, and will also allow UK consumers to access a wider range of wines.

Regulatory compliance platform gets Department for Business and Trade backing at Amazon launch

A regulatory compliance platform, developed by a UK-based company, has been approved by the Department for International Trade to help businesses comply with export control regulations. The platform will provide businesses with a secure, automated system to manage their compliance processes.

Food banks for pets: the new projects helping famished furry friends

Food banks for pets are projects that provide pet owners with food and other supplies for their animals. These projects are helping to reduce the number of pets being surrendered to shelters due to financial hardship, and are providing much needed support to pet owners in need.

Week-in-Review: Brexit Britain fumbles for direction

This week in politics, Brexit Britain has been struggling to find a clear direction. The government has been facing criticism for its handling of the pandemic, and the Brexit negotiations have been stalled. The UK is now facing a period of uncertainty as it attempts to move forward.

Leaked Government Document Shows Spain Wants to Ban End-to-End Encryption

A leaked document from the European Commission has revealed plans to force tech companies to break encryption and provide access to law enforcement. The proposed law would require companies to provide access to encrypted data and communications, and could have a significant impact on user privacy.

Teething troubles: How the cost of living crisis took a bite out of plant-based product sales

Plant-based product sales have been affected by the cost of living crisis, with many people unable to afford the products due to rising prices. This has caused teething troubles for the industry, as companies struggle to make their products more accessible to consumers.

Energy Bill Prices Set to be Confirmed Soon, Bringing Welcome News to Britons

Ofgem, the energy regulator, has announced an update to the energy price cap, which will reduce the amount households pay for their energy bills. The new cap will come into effect from October 1st and will save households an average of £75 a year.

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