Virtual CFO Services at a Fraction of the Regular Cost

If you believe a Chief Financial Officer is just for multinational companies, think again! SMEs can also benefit from the expertise of a senior accounting professional who can guide you in hitting your target numbers.

While it’s true that hiring a full-time CFO in-house can be costly, Leask Accountancy Solutions makes this service more accessible to SMEs through a Virtual CFO. Now, you can have your own dedicated CFO at a fraction of the regular cost.

Get Your Business in Shape

A Virtual CFO can get you on the right track and position you for success through the following ways:

  • Boosting of profit
  • Financial management and modelling
  • Cash flow optimisation
  • Debt management
  • Strategic financial advice

Leask Accountancy Solutions can be your second pair of eyes to look at your numbers and oversee your finances. You can also rely on us to provide data-supported insights so you can make sound business decisions.

If this sounds good, contact us today and let’s get started!

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