How Julia Leask helped Stop Digging turn around their financials and expand into the UK

Stop Digging is a Swedish company that provides a cost-effective and modern ground anchor solution for construction projects of all sizes. Their unique product–the ground screw–allows for a more efficient and professional installation process, saving customers time and money. Stop Digging’s mission is to deliver high-quality products and services that meet the highest professional standards.

The challenges of doing international business

As a foreign company doing business in the UK, Stop Digging faced several challenges, including navigating the country’s regulations and ensuring compliance with local laws. Additionally, the company needed a way to manage its international business while staying focused on its core operations in Sweden.

How Leask Advisory Solutions provided needed guidance

Enter Julia and Leask Advisory Solutions. Julia works with the company, providing valuable services managing the entire UK business and reporting to the CFO monthly. Her extensive knowledge of UK regulations and experience working in the region allowed her to guide Stop Digging through the complexities of doing business in the UK.

Julia is the company’s UK representative and company secretary in the region. As a result, can provide wet signatures when the bank requires. She manages the small payroll and accounting records, and the quarterly and annual returns in the UK, and is in charge of cash management.

Because Stop Digging is predominantly mobile and Swedish owned, they needed access to their financial information from anywhere. Julia set up the cloud-based system and provides the team with ongoing training and support. She also identifies potential funding opportunities and has helped them turn their financials around.

Sara Ritzman, CFO at Stop Digging, says Julia Leask reports to her monthly. Sara describes Julia as being responsible, knowledgeable and accommodating with her services.


Working with Julia has been a significant advantage for Stop Digging. Her expertise in managing the UK business has ensured compliance with local regulations and enabled the company to navigate the unique challenges of the UK market. Julia’s loyal and knowledgeable approach has made her invaluable to the team.

Overall, Sara reports the cooperation between Stop Digging and Julia has been highly satisfactory, and the company is happy to continue working with her for the future.