Don’t let the chaos of wearing too many hats hold your business back

Are you tired of wearing too many hats in your business?

Do you struggle with defining roles and responsibilities within your organisation?

Are you looking to optimise your business structure for future growth and scalability?

Look no further! My 10 Hats Workshop Tri-series is designed to address these challenges and provide you with a clear roadmap to success.


Why it was developed this service:

As a business owner, it’s common to find yourself juggling numerous tasks and responsibilities. Without a clear organisational structure in place, this can lead to inefficiencies and hinder growth. That’s why I developed the 10 Hats Workshop Tri-series. My goal is to help businesses like yours establish a solid foundation by creating a clear Organisation Chart, defining key roles and responsibilities, and fostering a supportive network with non-competing businesses.


Who should use this service?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your plate or if you believe your team could be more effective with clearer roles, then this service is for you. Whether you’re a small startup or a growing enterprise, my workshops are designed to provide practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.


What is involved?

The 10 Hats Workshop Tri-series consists of three half-day workshops spread across three months. In the first workshop, we’ll delve into the principles of the Organisation Chart, identify key departments and functions, and begin drafting your customised chart. Subsequent workshops will focus on refining your chart, creating job descriptions, and implementing your new structure to maximise team performance.


Benefits of the 10 Hats Workshop Tri-series:

– Clearly define your business’s internal structure
– Understand key functions and responsibilities
– Develop ideal roles for your team
– Gain clarity for career development opportunities
– Create a structure that supports future growth
– Identify functions that can be outsourced
– Increase team engagement and satisfaction
– Boost efficiency and productivity
– Enhance strategic decision-making
– Free up time for revenue-generating activities
– Make your business more sustainable, scalable, and saleable

Don’t let the chaos of wearing too many hats hold your business back. Contact Julia today on 07855275099 and take the first step towards a more organised, efficient, and successful future.