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Julia Leask of Leask Accountancy Solutions has supported us through a difficult few months of transition during the restructuring of the business

Stop Digging Ltd is owned by the Swedish parent company Sluta Gräv AB and in March 2018 there was a need to change ownership (Sluta Gräv took over 100% of the shares). It was necessary during this period to replace the Managing Director twice. Julia re-joined as financial support based in UK during this turbulent time.

Julia had been the financial support to the original MD and acted professionally when he was removed at the end of March. The second MD (appointed in March and then resigned a few months later) had his own accounting function within his own business and Julia handed over all necessary work and information in a very professional manner.

Julia was and still is the main reason why the transfer back from the 2nd MD went smoothly. She has taken care of all legal and financial matters regarding Stop Digging Ltd. In my role as CEO of Sluta Gräv, based in Sweden, it is of outmost importance to have a person like Julia as a support and as a sounding board. She works very effectively with my team in Sweden and was key to correcting the UK stock records to tie in with the actual stock counts after several relocations.

During the past few months she has supported us she has, in addition to the above, managed to updated Companies Houses, set up a new virtual office, made the arrangements for new postal and registered business addresses, supported in the financial clarifications with Stop Digging bank (Handelsbanken), corrected the late VAT return, proposal of debt collector to solve some unpaid invoices, liaised with former MD company to collect all required documents and data. Reviewed all mail and handling regarding that included bank cheques from customers as well as maintaining business system Xero (this included updating the financial system for the period it had not been maintained). The reviewing and correcting of information from the period when the former MD should have managed the business are other topics she has handled.

She has a very responsive approach to urgent requests and the introduction to potential new customers are “icing on the cake” to the many skills and benefits of having Julia working with us.

I am very happy to have Julia in my team in UK and would have no hesitation to give my personal recommendation and testimonial to anyone in a need of a remote professional financial support based in UK.